It’s been said that a moment can either make you or break you. Life is full of them and it has become even more apparent to me that it is what we make of them that can either make or break us into better versions of ourselves.  It is a matter of taking it all in and knowing when one of these moments has come to pass. They are everywhere and we only have to seize them and learn from them as they become more apparent in our day to day lives.  What do these moments look like?  How do we find them and why are they so important to life and all its adventures?  What happens when we find ourselves in the midst of unexpected moments and where do they lead us?


Perhaps it is simply taking the time to take part in a conversation. Real and true conversations are too few and far between because of the technology we surround ourselves with.  How easy is it to look at our phone and not partake in connecting with others when the world of social media beckons and gives us a false sense of belonging in a world that is not as real as it is portrayed. What happens when we seek out a real conversation with the ones we love?  Or perhaps it is not so much the ones we love but someone we just met and we put ourselves out there and seek to see just what it is that makes them who they are.  Everyone has a story and has feelings.  It is up to us to take the time to seek these moments with the ones we hold close as well as the ones we are only beginning to know.  Moments are a big part of the journey of life and all of the joys that it holds.


To learn to seek these moments can and will be scary sometimes. I know that there have been plenty of times that I wished I had taken more initiative in meeting someone new. New people can be intimidating and it takes true effort and energy to seek more of someone’s story than I know that I have energy for at times.  You never know what someone else’s story is though. Perhaps it has been all of the years at Starbucks but people’s stories are amazing. A story can have the impact to change your whole thought process on something if you let it. On other occasions it was knowing that I should have done more to keep the the gift of friendship alive.  Without care and time a friendship can weaken and become nonexistent if we are not careful to keep cultivating the gift we have right in front of us.  Each moment of friendship is a treasure and each one is rare and full of different moments that make us better people than we were before.


Perhaps it is joining someone for an impromptu dinner and learning from their life experience. Sometimes it is seeking out moments with those that have lived several adventures and the gift of knowledge to pass on.  Perhaps it is in the knowledge of seeking moments that teach us to think and see beyond what seems to be right in front of our face. There is depth to everything that we do and what we do with knowledge is key to being the change in the world. We were not meant to just sit and wait for life to happen. There is so much more that we realize.


So here is to a week of seeking more moments and knowing that God has the plan no matter what we do or where we go. His moments in this world remind us where it is that we are meant to seek as children of God. Be the change, search out the moments that last, the little moments and the unforeseen ones are there for a reason. Moments are ours for the taking. Take and show everyone just what these moments mean and why we should push to be more than we ever thought we could be. Because we never have to truly go it alone.

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