Moments of Goodness



The other day I was asked to share a good thing that had happened, just anything that would brighten the day. A friend had had one of those Jonah days where everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. We all have those days and some seem easier to conquer than others. There are just some days that I find the spirit of caring is barely there and I really don’t want to be nice, caring and true to who I know I should be. Where do we find these moments of goodness? Do we create them or do they find us when we least expect it?  What is it that gives us the drive to do better and be more when it seems like all we are doing trying to scale a wall that seems to daunting to scale?


So what are these moments made of? Are we always aware of them them when they happen? What do we do and how do we respond when they find us and remind us that we do matter. All to often it feels like no one cares and we are on our own. That the journey of where we are seems to be too much. It’s overwhelming at times and definitely uncertain. It is in the moments of uncertainty that God seems to send the the absolutely perfect person in the most perfect moment that there is so much more to life and all of it’s uncertainty. There is still good in the world and when we have eyes to see just what it is that God has planned for us there is an abundance of life that abounds like no other.


The gift of taking the time to truly invest in someone is priceless. It seems as if life is far too hectic and we all too often get caught up in the helter skelter of the world. We are constantly running to and fro. To stop and seek our time with those we hardly know seems at time to be too much. Where does one find the time and how does one seek out these moments in a world that is so fast paced?


Perhaps it is learning to sit back and be still in a world that is running full throttle. There is peace found when we seek the quiet… that longing to be found. There is stillness when we seek it and perhaps it is in the quiet and the stillness that we find our drive to give these moments to the others that surround us. The difference we make can be unforeseen and we may never see what the seeds we have sown will grow. But the key is being the ones that plant the seeds. There is so much more to life than just the here and now. When we seek God and His spirit in us we have the opportunity to be led to what may seem absolutely impossible.


There have been numerous times where (even when I am surrounded by so many people) the battles that I face are mine and mine alone. There is never a perfect or quick fix to the challenges that one faces on a day to day basis. It seems that when I am beginning to doubt the most I find myself in a situation or an unexpected moment that humbles me and reminds me that I am not alone. The sense of being a part of something bigger than this world is real and has the power to change the world.


So here is to taking time to be the moment of goodness to those that surround us. The opportunities to make someone’s day is everywhere. Gifts come in a different sizes and have varying degrees of value. The greatest gift we can ever give though is time. So take the time to be the goodness that one person may need more than we could ever know.

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