Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest.


What If today was your last day?


We are not immortal.


Life is beautiful.


Life is in everything and everywhere.


Live like there’s no tomorrow.


Don’t act like you have limitless amount of time on this earth…


Health is the most important in one’s life.


Food is life.


And so on…


These are some of the so called “cliches” that are used very often by people …but are not really taken seriously . They are nice phrases to add to a conversation…but they became meaningless ornaments, without any real implication in real life…Like a “legend” that everyone has heard of, but nobody really believes “it actually happened”…


My name is Audrey La Vie and in my Mind-Body-Consciousness I will gather stories and show the best practices on how we can make the best out of our experience on this earth!


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