Are you writing the story of your life the way you want to tell it?


Social business entrepreneur Neta Hanien uses her inspiring story to encourage us to listen to our “Me-rational” voice, rather than to our more familiar rational voice.  By doing so, Neta ended up not only rewriting the story of her life but also the story of perhaps the poorest Arab village in Israel, while turning a community’s challenge into her personal business.



Neta was a former criminal prosecutor in the Israeli Ministry of Justice.


After six years she quit her job and established “Juha’s Guesthouse“, a travelers’ hostel and a social business developing sustainable economy in Jisr a Zarka, one of the most impoverished villages in Israel.


Juha’s Guesthouse has been selected as the ‘Best Social Business” in Israel in 2015 and has been certified by Trip Advisors traveler’s choice award. Additionally, Neta was one of the winners of the Rappaport prize for “Women Generating Change”.


You can learn more about Neta’s work at her website:





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