Looking for the Reason in the Season

Life is full of small moments.  They come unexpectedly and usually when we least expect them to be apart of where it is that we find ourselves. It is the absolute easiest thing to find all of the negative in a situation. The Christmas Season is upon us and it can be hard to find the beauty of the season in all of the hustle and bustle of where we go next and whose gift was that we haven’t bought yet. There are so many beautiful moments to be found.  We must have the spirit to see them when called.


As the holidays come near I am often found falling into the pit of wishing that I had family near by.  That one Christmas spent back on my grandparents farm would be the best thing in the entire world and what I wouldn’t give to have one more day waking up to the scent of fresh bacon cooking and a stack of pancakes that would grow until the cows came home.  There was always such anticipation falling asleep as a small child knowing that in the morning there would be pile of presents that Santa had brought just for me. The food would be divine and a marsh mellow roast would commence in the evening filled with the bright stars above and stories of everything and anything that a girl could ever want. These days were perfection and are memories that I hold so dear.  It was so easy to believe and see the good around me when I was younger.  Living in a world that was so full of beauty and delight made the wonder of the season be present in every aspect that was imaginable.  Well as time has it’s way (and things do and always will change) the season of Christmas is upon me yet again.  This time around though I am an adult living out the dreams that I set before myself. The reality that, though I have friends that I call family in my life and I would not trade them for any price, the simple fact remains that I miss those simple moments.  I miss my family.  There was such a peace and understanding that was found in those quiet and perfect days spent on my grandparents farm.  The knowledge that it is up to me to seek these moments even as an adult rings true.  There is always a way to see the good in others and seek the beauty of the world that surrounds me but only if I seek these moments out.


What does it mean to seek out these moments?  Some would say that it is so easy to seek them out.  Others would say that they come few and far between.  What would happen though if we sought God’s presence in everything that we did? What if even in our most human moments we sought his guidance in what we saw and how we felt?  That would have the power to change the world and be the light that we are each called to be.  To be the light in world that can be so full of darkness can be a daunting task and the journey of being one of His is not journey to be taken lightly.  Take up your cross and follow me was and is what we are called to do.  To seek Him first opens up opportunity upon opportunity to seek these moments as well as be these moments for others around us.


Sure it is a much easier path to take that involves less of investing in people and more of investing in ourselves.  We know what we want and there is no one to disappoint or have disappoint us when we have the fewest amount of people involved.  It is so much easier to just not be part of something than to be a part of the change in this world.  Perhaps though that is exactly why we experience the beauty of the Christmas season every year.  Perhaps the season of Christmas is an invitation to seek the wonder and the joy that we each found as young children.  Or perhaps it is the first time that we as adults see the beauty and the wonder of the world around us.


This past weekend it snowed in Birmingham.  It was the picturesque scene on a postcard that greeted me Friday morning. To many, there was a sense of mistrust and trouble that surrounded the snow.  For me however, it was gentle reminder to never lose hope and delight in the world that surrounds me.  There was a quiet peace found in the gentle snowfall, miracles even of the snow kind do happen and there is always time to take in the beauty around me.  It is so easy to be caught up in the what beckons.  It is His calling in these quiet moments that remind me to find the reason in whatever season I find myself in.  My hope is simply that in this season of Christmas we each take a moment and seek the quiet beauty that surrounds us and know that we are His and His alone and that is where we must always return to. #bethechange #lovealways #makeadifference #seekhispresence.

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