Looking for the Good Around Me


There are some weeks that I am eager to sit down and write. Those things I’ve seen that are good are filling my heart and I can’t wait to put those feelings into words. Other weeks, I’m just not feeling it. This is one of those weeks.


It’s not that it has been a bad week, but just busy. The work of the end of the semester, routine tasks, extra meetings and gatherings fill up my day so I rarely look up to notice what is around me. If I were to look up, take a step off my path, and take in the big picture, I think I would see many good things that I take for granted.


There is good health. It isn’t a given and there are those who are dealing with mental and physical health problems. For those times I am blessed with freedom from these, that is definitely good.


There are friends and family. They are built-in and voluntary groups that love and support me. They have changed over the years; some will pass away or move on while others step into those holes in new ways. Having those people around me is definitely good.


There is a job that matches with what fulfills me. It is a career path I would never have anticipated when I was younger but I cannot imagine any other field where I would grow and learn as much as I have. Getting to enjoy what I do is definitely good.


I live someplace where I feel safe protected by deadbolts and a dog with good hearing. I get to worship freely with a family of believers who encourage and teach me. I could spend hours listing just the larger elements, not to mention the smaller details, of my life that are good.


To think that there isn’t anything good around me is to walk through life with my eyes and ears closed. There are times that the good things are obscured by pain or crisis, but other times I don’t see it because I am not looking. I am allowing the less-than-good to obstruct my view and capture my attention.


These next weeks are a time that are meant to focus on the good around us. I hope for you that if it isn’t a time when your view isn’t obscured, you will see all of the good around you.


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