Leaves Falling

The other day I was sitting outside on the back deck of a friend’s house watching the leaves fall gently to the ground below. I had a cup of coffee in my hand, the dog was soaking up the sun and the crisp fall air was beyond perfect.  I found myself in such a gentle and calming site. It was so peaceful to see the leaves gently drift to wherever the breath of wind would take them.  As I sat and looked at this beautiful bit of creation at my feet I was hit by how much the falling of the leaves resembled life at times. How many moments in life much like the leaves on the ground below me had fallen changed, or been swept away in the winds of life as it always seems to do?


Seasons always change as do the people we meet along the way. At some moments we are so sure of where are going and what is happening. At other times life throws us a giant windstorm of change and there seems to be absolutely nothing we can do to stop the inevitable change that has come to make things less than the ideal picture. You know the one that we thought we always wanted or needed.  What do we do in these moments of change and at time utter hopelessness. In hope, lies the key.  Hope it is ever present and ours for the taking but only if we choose to see it for what it is in the exact moment we find ourselves in.   If only hope were an easy thing to find even in out hardest and most difficult moments. Perhaps it is in these moments we have to dig deep and look for the good even when it seems to be the last thing we will find.


We have to seek the wonder and joy that life can sometimes take away. It is far from easy to be nice, calm, cool and collected when the line at the bucks is past the door and our drive through line is wrapped around the building.  I know that I struggle every day to see the positive when it seems that I am surrounded by a group of caffeine deprived people that are hardly awake and await their first cup of Joe, let alone exchange pleasantries with a girl that they hardly know.  Some mornings are a piece of cake and smiles come easy and no one is worse for wear. The mornings that go wrong from the get go though are the hardest to conquer.  Sometimes all it takes is one interaction that seems less than ideal and the true battle begins of seeing the good in a moment that frustrates me beyond even my understanding sometimes. It is at my worst that I am forced to see what could be the best.  The mindset that you have for the day begins with the first breath you take as you awake. There are two choices and different perspectives when we seek them fully.  It is what we seek that matters the most.



So what do we seek? Sure I can say that I seek God on a day to day basis but because I am human and far from perfect I forget sometimes to seek him first, my perspective changes and I forget to seek the beauty in the quiet moments of life. When I do  remember my purpose changes and seeking the good becomes so much easier. The good moments are found and make whatever moment I find myself have so much more purpose and significance than it just being me against the world or sometimes as in my case the bucks.  To seek Him and Him alone is the absolute most freeing act that one can seek for themselves.  When we fully come to realize that no matter we are His we have truly found freedom and  peace to be the change in the world that we seek from others. The change we seek though must begin within our own being. Wanting to change others and never wanting to change ourselves  is redundant because if we never have eyes to see the change in ourselves , how is it possible to see the change in other people?


So much like the leaves I watched fall the other day, we each go through different changes. We know not where the winds of change will take us. If we seek Him first no matter where we go we cannot really go wrong.  Seasons will change and we will change with each season.  There are seasons for everything. It is what we do in each season that make the possibility of being the change and the world a better place a reality.  Don’t run from change, run to it and embrace the growth that will come with each passing year.  We were never meant to stay in the same place or in the same state. We were and are meant to grow, change and seek the God filled moments that remind us that we are meant for more than we can ever realize.  It is up to us and only us though to see just how much we can grow and seek the path that we never thought would be our path to follow.  Here is to a week of being the change, not being afraid and the strength to see the good when we least expect it.  Grow with God and one will never stop growing.


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