One of the greatest things that I could ever admire in a person is initiative. It shows what it means to push further, to be more than just ordinary and it shows what it takes when working towards a goal that seems so unattainable and one would think that it would never happen. What exactly does it mean to find the balance between trusting that God has it and finding the drive to do more than just sit and wait for life to happen? We weren’t called to just sit and do nothing.  The time to do something, anything, is today. Perhaps it the finding the calling of God’s will day in and day out that help us take the initiative when it’s staring us straight in the face. The possibilities of where these moments can take us are endless. Where they take us makes the journey of this world more fulfilling and enlightening with each person that we meet along the way.


Sometimes life makes taking these moments of initiative almost impossible for us to see if we are even close to where we thought we would be. Sometimes it takes great moments of patience and faith to see that we have been on the path that we were meant to be on all along.  The pressure of life and messing things up becomes significantly less when we remember that God has a plan, even when things  don’t seem to go our way.  I can recall many a time that I was stressing about paying for this or managing such thing here and at the very last moment everything seemed to fall into place. I almost always found myself in better place than I had ever once considered being in. Sometimes these moments have been found in my most broken and disheveled times. Just when I thought someone would be there for ever and suddenly their path went a different way than mine.  Through all of these times though I am reminded on a daily basis that I never walked these roads alone. At times the road seemed so lonely and unsettled, almost as if no one cared about me.  Again at the very weakest point, I  find myself with someone that seemed to know exactly what it was that needed I to hear, even if only for a moment.


Learning to relate to each person that we come into contact takes another form of initiative. I am fairly outgoing and I honestly love when I get to know someone else’s story. There are so many and each hold a valuable lesson as long as we take the time to listen and the heart to learn. In the ever fast paced world that we live in though those moments seem to pass us by quicker than one would ever think. But taking the time  to learn someone’s story at 5 am in the morning is another story all together.  I know that there have been many  a morning where the absolute last thing that I want to do is talk to one more person or smile and be sweet when all I really want is to be back in my own bed sound asleep not take the time to connect and make the best of the morning that is laid out before me.  Somewhere though lies a deep want and desire to find out more about those around me.  Perhaps its an inherent streak of curiosity and desire to know more than what meets the naked eye.  Everyone has a story and each story can mean more than we realize.  Remembering that we all have something to learn from someone makes these stories have even more impact.


The stories of those around us mold us and help us to ponder what it is that will drive us onto our next grand adventure or goal that we set before ourselves. They have at times asked me to take a step back and examine where how it was that I came to be in season that I have found myself in. There have been plenty of moments of self doubt and wonder as to how I could push to do more and become a stronger and even more unique individual. There have been revelations about becoming who I was meant to be all along. That no matter who was or was not there at the end of the day, I had God by my side every single step of the way. I was created from serving and loving God. In doing so I find peace even at my worst moments because even with all of the initiative in the world my journey ends where it all began and life continues on and molds each of us into exactly who we were meant to be all along.

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