The past weekend has been spent at the beach. As we waded out into the ocean the reality that the presence of something so vast and powerful made me begin to think of just how amazing the world is that we live in. The very push and pull that was felt as each step was taken made me think of life and all of the steps we take on a day to day basis. Some of them seem so easy and effortless while others seem to make even the simple task of standing almost impossible.  How many steps do we take that seem to go nowhere? The undertow of life taking us in an entirely different direction than where we thought we would be.  Life is full of great moments, where one is just hit with the feeling of something so much greater than us and the current moment we are in. That perhaps we have a bigger impact on each individual than we realize.  That saying we will do something means… we actually do it.


As a kid I was always terrified that I was going to be left all alone and that no matter who promised to stand by my side and never leave would leave and that I would have no one. My parents were amazing and continued to show that they would be there no matter what happened. The first time that I was left alone with my grandparents so that my parents could take a weekend out of town I remember crying myself to sleep. I was convinced that they would never come back. There was a deep seeded fear that ran deep within and made me doubt everything that my parents promised me.  No matter how many times they promised to return I was terrified that they would leave me. Their actions though continued to prove me wrong and I slowly and surely began to see that I would not be left all alone. Even at my worst I was loved beyond measure.  I asked them once what would happen if they never came back and I was left in a world without them.  My wise mother assured me that I would never truly be alone. That no matter what happened in life that there would always be someone there to care for me and love me. When life and people failed me the ever presence of God would never fail.  His love and promises of a greater tomorrow would hold true despite what life brought my way.  That there would always be people there to take care of me. That she and my dad would always do their best do what they said they would do.  That if one said they were going to something you should always follow through.  Quitting was never really an option.  One must finish what one started. When you say yes to something you mean what you say and do what you set out to do.


Life continued on as life always does. That is where the true lessons of people and life and what intentions actually mean. Perspective and all of its facets would become a valuable key to true happiness and understanding of the world and all of the great things it has to offer.  Life is beautiful and full of opportunities for the taking but only when we are open to seeing what lies before us.  The lesson of never being alone became more and more apparent as I began the journey of life and without fail the perfect people were placed in my life when I need them that most. The realization that I knew I needed to be one of the people that made a difference became a driving force of making a difference and being the change. Giving back in the way that I had been given was a goal that I knew needed to be fulfilled whenever possible. One small act can seem so insignificant at the time but it can have the biggest impact.  Yet again setting out to do something and doing my best to do what I knew needed to be done was the best way to live life and make the biggest difference.  


You get to live one life. The way in which one lives it is a choice that lies in each individual person. What I view as important may not seem so important to others and vice versa for each person that I meet. The choices we make on a day to day basis can and do have an impact on everyone in our lives.  What we do and how we do it has a positive or negative effect on those around us.  The reaction that we choose has waves just like the ocean. The steps that we take along that way are what matter the most.  Sometimes our steps are easy and the ripples are minimal while others are against the strongest undertow we may ever encounter. Live each day like its your last and know that you make a difference no matter how small. Life has its fair share of push and pull. Where we go and what we do when these moments happen make us stronger and better than we realize in the moment.  The ever presence of God and knowing there is something that exists that is far bigger than us brings us a sense of peace and understanding when life doesn’t go our way.  The push and pull of life is inevitable, it is how we react and what we live as each day  passes that has the biggest impact. Live life to the fullest and know that you make a difference. Trust in a presence that is beyond what we understand. Undertows will happen and life will be tough but knowing that you never have to go it alone makes each tough spot a lesson and each lesson a strength, we need to move forward and become stronger and better than we can imagine when we let it.  Here is to a week of greatness.  #talesofasiren  #lovealways #bethechange #greatness

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