Governments and Other Liars

Welcome back to the Scuttlebutt. 

Pour yourself something and let’s talk.  Now, most of the day, I want to chat about some of the new gun laws, and other BS the government is doing or preparing to do to you, but I’m going to bury the lede a little. 

First, let’s talk about the loss of HRM.  The amount of hate and discontent aimed at the monarchy in general in the aftermath of Queen Elisabeth II’s death really amazes me.  Not that it should, I mean look at the amount of hate that’s been shoveled off in the direction of guys that even their WORST ENEMIES had nothing but respect for… I speak, of course of G. Washington, and T. Jefferson. Both of those guys were respected and admired by even King George III.  G. Washington’s house (and TJ’s) were considered “off limits” during the war of 1812, by the British generals, who would not allow their troops on the property, such was their respect.

Now, seemingly as part of the “tear it all down” culture, people want the names stricken from the very colleges, universities, cities, and organizations that these noble men founded.

So too it seems with HRM, only the bastards aren’t even waiting until she’s decently buried.  I’m reminded of the words of Joseph Welch, to Joe McCarthy. “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”  The Queen was nothing less of a patriot and a force for the good of her people and her nation, as she understood the term than GW or TJ.  We may never see her like again.

Oh yes, there have been some evils done by the English government over the years, and in fact, right up to current times.  In many cases it was egged on by the people that eventually were on the receiving end, (for instance the uprising in 1918.  The government of Great Britain is at war for its very existence. So, you decide this is a good time to start a revolution to throw off the yoke of your government, in the form of revolution?  Wow, what a shock that King George V took a damn dim view, and sent troops over to beat your ass.)

Make no mistake, the second you use force against a government, you have invited the same back.

Are there times when it’s worth it?

Hell YES, but don’t whine when you start shooting at the government’s agents, whether in the form of red-coats, blue-bellies, pony soldiers, or whatever the government troops are called, and they shoot back.  You called the dance.

Am I aware that there may come a time, in theory, when I may be on the side of those shooting at federal agents? Yes.  I hope and pray that it never comes to that, but I realize that’s a possibility.  That whole “Tree of Liberty” thing, that Thomas Jefferson wrote so eloquently of, in his message to William Stephens Smith, is always a possibility, no matter how much we pray for its avoidance. 

Nevertheless, I am aware that if it comes to that, the people on the side of rebellion against the government, however wrong it may be, have stated that “The courts can’t or won’t fix this, so it must be settled on the field of battle.” The Battlefield is brutal, it is rough, and no one fights by “the Marques of Queensbury rules.”  There will no doubt be, on both sides, (or more likely, all sides, as, if we ever see a civil war again, I expect it to be multi-sided) things identified by international courts as War Crimes.  This is why this end is to be desperately avoided.  It’s a river you can’t un-cross, and all the “Boogaloo boys” and “Washington would be stacking bodies” idiots out there have no idea just how brutal such a thing would be. Nor do they have any appreciation for what it actually took for patriots (Make no mistake, most of the leaders of the rebellion were English Patriots until the crown so abused them that they could no longer be so) to start “Stacking bodies.”  We AIN’T THERE, and one of my goals with this little piece of the web is to sound the alarm and convince those that would have ears, to turn around before we GET there.

You know, the monarchy, for all its weakness (cough King Charles III, cough) has one very important strength. The crown must take the long view.  Our system doesn’t have nearly as much assurance that someone is going to look beyond the next election cycle.  The founding fathers attempted to create that, with the SCOTUS, having a lifetime appointment, but of course, they don’t make laws, (or shouldn’t) they merely interpret them. They also thought to provide some long-term thinking with the design of the Senate, but the 17th amendment blew that out of the water when it made the Senate “direct election.”  Now the Senate, like the house, swings with the whims of the electorate, and thinks no further ahead than the next election. 

Speaking of which, the President was taking a victory lap yesterday on his “Inflation Reduction Act.” Remember when they were bragging in August that the July numbers showed no inflation that month?  (Yes, there was still an overall inflation for the year of 8+%, but ignore that peasant. We are talking about THIS month!)  Well, that didn’t last very damn long.  We have 8.3% inflation this month… Aren’t you glad we “reduced” it? 

Notice the notes at the bottom of the picture above, for a most poignant juxtaposition. We passed the “Inflation Reduction Act”, sorry about your pension that uses the stock market as a funding source, hope you like dog food.

The price of Gas is down to $3.71 nationally, from a high of $5.02, but at least around here, it’s going back up.  And do please remember that it started on day one of Biden’s watch at $2.36, so he hasn’t even got back to ground zero, not by a long shot. Diesel is ridiculous, food is up 11.4% from a year ago (that’s the biggest increase since Jimmy Carter was president)  Electricity is up 15.8%,  and the beatings continue everywhere you look.

In fact, we’re back to something I remember from my Navy career, back at the end of Carter’s administration.  We’ve got the army telling troops how to get on food stamps!  Remember how the military (except for the Space Force and the USMC) can’t make their recruiting quotas?  Gosh… Maybe there’s a little correlation here?

Now, let’s talk about firearms.

Under pressure from the US DOJ, the “International Organization for Standardization” (which is a slightly deceptive name for the trade organization that runs credit cards around the world) has agreed to use a special code showing what charges are made at “gun stores.”

If you missed this little detail, it’s probably because you live in a red state, where no one in the media wants to admit to these shenanigans. In the blue states, they’re quite proud of it.  Visa, Amex, and Mastercard will all use a special code for purchases from gun shops effective immediately. Further, industry managers have said that they intend to flag to law enforcement, purchases they deem “excessive or dangerous.”  People, cash is your friend.  ATM withdrawals are your friend.  If you want to know why I and so many people have been against a “cashless society” well here you are.

Along with this, the news agencies here in the People’s Democratic Republic of Washington State, are making a big deal about a little-known clause in a “shoved down the rest of the state’s throat by Seattle,” law.  The big news for this law (initiative 1639) was that it would raise the purchase age for Semi-Automatic Rifles to 21, and require them to go through the same sort of background checks as Handguns.  Hidden in the fine print, was a requirement that the state conduct annual background checks on everyone that owns a pistol or Semi-Automatic rifle, to ensure that they are still legally allowed to own the same. (Wipes brow, boy it’s a good thing I lost all of those in that horrible boating accident when the “Mussel Farm” went down.)

Well, the press is raising hell because the state isn’t doing it. (Conducting annual checks.) The state is saying in this most innocent, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth, sort of fashion, “Well, we can’t, because we don’t know who owns them, so we can’t perform a check.”

If this sounds like a way of pushing for a statewide gun registration scheme, that’s because it is.  In fact, State Rep Drew Hansen admits that the “new Statewide Centralized Background System” that is supposed to come online in 2024 is specifically designed so that they can determine who to do annual background checks on.

We (the constitutionalists) have said for decades that registration is the first step to confiscation.  Well, here’s both the first and the second, actual law here in the State of Washington. We will require you to register your weapons, and then annually we will determine whether or not we want to continue to allow you to own your property.  If we decide you don’t have a right to own your property we will send men with guns, to make sure you no longer have guns.

Reading between the lines, they seem to be planning to check even those that are not on record as having guns but have been determined by the state to no longer have the right to have a gun and send the Sheriff around to search for guns at your place.

Obscenely expensive? Oh, you bet.  No one is even speculating on how much this shit would cost, but, as the saying goes, if it allows us to remove even one firearm…  Remember up at the top where we were talking about what caused the founding fathers to say “ENOUGH of this SHIT?” Well, that “shot heard around the world” was taken at the crown’s representatives who were marching to the villages of Lexington and Concord, to confiscate the guns and powder that were there.

Do I expect this to stand scrutiny?

At the state level, yes, because that’s the sort of state SC we have.

At the national level? Oh, I don’t think so. At least I hope not.  I don’t see any way that this could be interpreted as legal in light of the most recent decisions by SCOTUS on the second amendment, or for that matter the fourth amendment rights for search and seizure. It’s another reason I need to get the hell out of this state.

An additional piece on Firearms comes from the nonprofit “Crime Prevention Research Center” (CPRC) which has confronted the Fearless Band of Idiots (FBI) over their deceptions in firearm violence reporting.  It’s worth noting here why this matters.  The FBI Crime report is “the gold standard.” Or at least it’s supposed to be.  It’s the metric used by everyone from the NRA to the Brady anti-gun lobbyists to make their cases.  Yes, numbers from this report can be couched in such a way as to attempt to make either a pro-gun, or an anti-gun argument, and have been for years. But the thing is, it was always believed, naively it seems that the numbers themselves were honest, and no one was putting a thumb on the scale.

CPRC is saying that’s not the case.  According to the article in USACARRY: requoted from RealClear investigations, by Dr. John R Lott Jr, “the FBI undercounts by an order of more than three the number of instances in which armed citizens have thwarted such attacks,(mass shootings) saving untold numbers of lives.”

He goes on to say “Two factors explain this discrepancy – one, misclassified shootings; and two, overlooked incidents. Regarding the former, the CPRC determined that the FBI reports had misclassified five shootings: In two incidents the Bureau notes in its detailed write-up that citizens possessing valid firearms permits confronted the shooters and caused them to flee the scene. However, these cases were not listed as being stopped by armed citizens because the attackers were later apprehended by police. In two other incidents the FBI misidentified armed civilians as armed security personnel. In one incident, the FBI simply failed to mention the citizen engagement at all.” “As for the second factor — overlooked cases — the FBI, more significantly, missed an additional 25 incidents identified by CPRC in which the active shooters were thwarted by armed civilians.”

The FBI’s response was basically “meh, so what? Fuck off.” The actual bureaucratize was: “We do appreciate you sending potential active shooter cases for the FBI team to review for inclusion in the active shooter dataset. As promised, I sent the email chain to the FBI team yesterday. As I’m sure you know, the FBI Active Shooter reports are released on an annual basis. My assumption is that any amendment retroactively adding cases would likely be included in a release with the annual report.”

It’s important to note that all of the FBI’s errors in reporting are on the side of “guns are evil, only we should have guns.”  They’ve got their thumb on the scale, and they’re flat-out lying.  I recommend reading the whole article, as it gets into the questions of innocent bystanders being shot, (there has NEVER been a report of an innocent bystander being wounded by a private citizen who was engaging an active shooter, in spite of anything the press might want to imply.  If only the police were that good!) It also discusses many other places where the numbers reported don’t match reality.

Well, as usual, there are more things I could talk about, but this has gone on long enough. 

Take care, watch your six, 
Until next time I remain,
Yours in service.
William Lehman.

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