Finding the Positive


Life has this ridiculous way of giving us a crap ton of lemons. It is at my weakest moments that I ask myself just what is it that I could to to respond better when life and the people in it are less than what I want as my ideal.  What is the best way to respond when no matter what you do there seems to be nothing going in the way that you wish it was?  What do you do when the light at the end of the tunnel is the very last thing that we can even imagine, let alone see? It seems like at the weakest and hardest moments there seems to be no way to reach the other side and no seems to care.  Everyone has had the case of the Monday blues (why would anyone honestly want to get up and go to work?).  Why, what if you had no job to go to and what if there was no hope of having one in the foreseeable future?  What if you had no house to live in, no real space to call your own?




Where does one search to find the positive when it seems that the world around us is full of negativity and we seem to be along for the ride of life and all of its struggles?  Is positivity a choice?  Do we get to choose to be happy or do we continue to be surrounded by the negative people that we choose to have in our lives?  What if though we chose to seek out the people that were positive and were the leaders of seeking out the bright side of life no matter where it was that they found themselves.  Seeking the positive in different aspects has the power to change the perspective we each have of life.  Surrounding yourself with people that are positive can have huge influence and help us to see the good when we least expect it to happen.  Surrounding oneself with positivity can only help us when the chips are down. Seek more positivity and know that it will make the biggest difference when one needs it the most. Sometimes it is so much easier to just let things and be and not try so hard to seek the positive.


Within the process of seeking the positive I know that I have found myself wondering just what influence it is that I have on those around me.  Sure I would love to say that I am positive and happy and seeking the good all of the time.  Sure but no way no how would that ever really be the case.  Truth be told, I find myself on the negative side of the spectrum more than I would ever want actually admit.  Not that I always let those moments out and about for the world and those around me to see. It’s more of a mental and spiritual battle that I find myself in. It is hard to seek the positive when the negative seems a much more attainable goal to accomplish with every little effort. Do we actually appreciate the things that we don’t work hard for? Life was never really meant to be easy. The call to be a Christian and follow Christ is a hard path to take and one that all will not take. But if we keep our sights in the bigger picture and seek more of the journey the of seeking the positive becomes a way of life. What was so difficult to seek at first becomes a way that one can live life wholeheartedly. Knowing that you walk the road to positivity with God on your side makes the moments we seek more frequent rather than few and far between.


To surround oneself with positivity and happiness can only make being positive a way of life… even when everything seems to be going wrong.  When we chose to have positive people in our lives the help keep us up. The hard times become a little bit easier. I will never forget the saying that it is so much easier to pull someone down than lift them up. Choose wisely the ones that you hold closely. To trust completely and let people into the inner working of who we are takes time and more trust than I know that I care to give at times.  It is the people that we surround ourselves with that make or break us into better versions of ourselves.  They can either life us up or knock us down. For some happiness is not always just a simple choice.  But to be the happiness that someone might have needed that day in that particular moment can have more influence than we can ever realize. Live well, laugh often, forgive because we can and learn from all the moments and the people that have crossed our paths. Know that you do make a difference and seek more positivity, which in turn helps each of be more of the light in the world that we live in.  


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