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Failures, gosh, where do I begin?

First off, it’s interesting to note that if you do a Bing search for the photo I used above, you’re not going to find it… It seems that their algorithm has an “issue” with any of the straight-on shots of Biden’s speech on Labor Day.  You know, the speech that was “not political” according to his press secretary, Ms. Karine Jean-Pierre? (KJP) The speech that was basically a long version of “anyone that doesn’t support me is a traitor, and a fascist, you need to unite under my banner or I’ll hunt you down with F-15s?”  All done with a red-light background and two Marines standing in “Funeral stance.”  Seems the funeral they’re attending is the death of the Republic.  I think the reports of its death are premature, but we shall see.

And, a little advice to Trump: PLEASE don’t play Joe’s game.  Keep your mouth shut, don’t start a war of words with Biden, and let him look like the “old man screaming at clouds” that he is.  Anything you can do that will fire up your followers will fire up those that hate you, too, and that’s what Joe’s counting on. He’s trying to make this election another referendum on you, instead of a referendum on him.

There’s a saying in the law community. “When the law is against you, pound on the facts. When the facts are against you, pound on the law.  When both are against you, pound on the table.”  Joe’s pounding on the table, you need to have your partisans pounding the facts and the law, or in this case; the issues that Americans care about, not the personalities.

While we’re talking about KJP, oh my what a failure she is… From claiming that her boss has “added ten thousand million jobs” . {Yes, it’s Fox, but it’s a video and it’s verifiable in hundreds of other sources.}

Note, by the way, that 10,000,000,000 (ten thousand million, or ten billion, as it’s normally spoken by literate people) is significantly more than the population of the entire earth, which now stands at 7.9 billion.

To her statement that “But that’s not how it works, It’s not just that people are walking across the border!”

She’s gotten called on this one by Senator Cruz among many others… who said “There are two and only two possibilities, either she is deliberately ignorant — she has no idea what’s happening at the border — or she’s deliberately lying. There’s not a third possibility. It is one or the other.” He then invited her to his home state to see for herself that it’s EXACTLY how it works.  She declined of course, and deflected saying she had been to the border under Trump, and saw the horrors of our treatment of these poor people… “​And so, one thing I will say is​,​ I certainly don’t need lectures or invitations from Republicans about the border or border policies​,” she added.​ “​And I certainly won’t take advice on the border from anyone who voted against securing [a] record level of funding for the Department of Homeland Security​.”

Hey Senator Cruz, sorry, but you missed a possibility.  How about BOTH?  She is both ignorant and lying.

Since her boss became the resident Alzheimer’s patient at 1600 PA ave., 5 MILLION people have crossed the border illegally by best guess.  That includes 66 known terrorists that we CAUGHT (how many did we miss, I wonder?). That also includes 15,000 pounds of fentanyl seized at the border, and who knows how much that got through… (it’s worth noting here that the UN Office on Drugs and Crime says 16% of the smuggled stuff is caught, other sources that measure residue in sewer water say that’s higher than reality and in reality, it’s more like >5%)

By the way, fun little statistic here, the number of people that have crossed the border under Biden’s tender mercies is more than the populations of Alaska, Delaware, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming combined. Or to put it another way: Just under two Chicago’s, or an L.A. and a Phoenix.

Oh, and KJP? The pipeline that Russia used to use to send natural gas to Europe before they cut it off as a weapon to attempt to force Europe to ignore their assault on Ukraine? Yeah, it’s the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, not the Nordstrom pipeline, Nordstrom is a department store, you idiot.

So yeah, some massive failures there. If only that were the whole of it.

There’s the FBI Whistleblowers that are saying their leadership refused to allow them to pursue the “Hunter Biden Laptop” case, to include former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski’s testimony, and the Ashley Biden Diary…

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors that seem to say all of the crooked dealings were the doing of former FBI SAIC Tim Thibault, but let me say that I am dubious about this.  I suspect Thibault is taking one for the team, in the same way that Col. North took one for the team.

It’s worth noting here that we’ve sent two people to prison for stealing the diary from Ashley, but no one is investigating the charges levied IN THE DIARY about Joe’s sexual molestation of his daughter.  Funny thing, reclaiming that Diary was worth raids of several private citizens’ homes, and the offices of Project Veritas, but it wasn’t worth acting on any information gotten from the diary. It’s almost like getting the Diary back was damage control.

Speaking of raids, you notice how no one is talking about the student loan forgiveness BS now that the Trump Mar-a-Lago raid is center stage…

Oh, and you know, I thought the Pravda was that “Trump is a buddy of Putin, and was in Russia’s pocket?”  At least that seemed to be the narrative the White House and MSM would have you believe.  So, riddle me this, Batman: Why is it that President Biden has told the State Department not to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, in spite of a UNANIMOUS resolution from the Senate calling for this declaration?  Now, we can’t seem to get the Senate to agree unanimously that water is wet, but they all agree that we need to declare Russia a government that sponsors terrorism. Yet Joe is against it?  Hell even Nancy P and Tom Malinowski are for it, yet Joe is against it. Who’s Russia’s buddy again?  I think I missed something here.

And there’s still another failure by the DOJ, though this time I have to take a swipe at the MSM as well.  Does anyone out there remember “Fat Leonard?”

I’ve discussed this douche canoe several times on this forum, but for you latecomers, just a brief reminder.  Leonard Glenn Francis owned a Singapore-based company that did maritime support and repair work in the western Pacific.  Through various bribes: some money, some trips to special events, (like box seats for the Stones in Tokyo with hot and cold running whores brought in for extra amusement) some for personal electronics, and the like, he got the sailors who were in charge of maintenance schedules to reroute naval vessels to the area where his shipyards and support equipment would be the only available source for work.  Then overcharged the navy tens of millions of dollars for that work. (we’re talking a whole extra destroyer’s worth of money here.)

DOJ, for some reason, decided that he was trustworthy enough to go into home confinement while serving as state’s evidence for the trials of various naval personnel.  He had suffered from kidney cancer while incarcerated so I imagine that was part of the consideration.  Anyway, he was supposed to be getting sentenced soon, and the Local PD was informed that there was an irregularity with his monitoring bracelet… So, they went to take a look, and then called the Marshal’s office, who was in charge of Leonard.

Seems he had cut off his ankle bracelet and split the scene.  Neighbors stated that they had seen moving vans coming and going from the home for weeks. Apparently, no one from the Marshal’s office was checking up on him while in house arrest! I suspect that Fat Boy has been playing the model prisoner role while arranging his escape, and is no doubt either in Indonesia or the PRC right now, with all his possessions (having deep and abiding ties with various merchant shipping corporations can be handy) and is laughing his ass off at the idiots who trusted him.

Yes, I hear you, you in the back: “So, that’s your beef with the DOJ, but why are you hacked at the media?” You ask.  Because I had to hear this from the fucking BBC!

Our media didn’t think this was important enough to even report on!

Lest it seems like This is Beat on the Administration Day, (Hell that’s every day) Got a lovely little piece for Russia as well.  They have approached North Korea to buy artillery shells and rockets… To the tune of millions of rounds worth. This little bit, on top of the fact that they’re trying to buy drones from Iran of all places… Remember when Russia sold their old, used, obsolete shit to NK and Iran?

We old squids remember.

It must suck being part of the Russian supply system right now.  Oh, and the rumor is that those drones, the Mohajer-6, are pieces of shit, poor copies of American gear captured by rebels, and brought back to reverse engineer.  I suppose this is revenge by Iran on Russia for selling them the designs to the “hyper-cavitating 200 Kt. torpedo” that Russia built and then threw away as crap, before selling it to Iran as the solution to the American Aircraft Carrier question.

Well, there’s always more I could say, but this has gone on long enough,

Take care, watch your six, 
Until next time I remain,
Yours in service.
William Lehman.

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