Exist at the End

There is no end and I exist.


My eyes question me. All I do is existing and looking at the mirrors. I serve myself, my brain, my conscience, my legs, my stomach and my skin. All I make is “me”.


Now I will interrupt you. You can not stay in silence anymore. Wanna exist and can’t dare it? These thoughts are not the seeds of action. Thoughts are the thoughts and you don’t need any seed to act. You just need to be. Are there words inside the thoughts? Are there feelings? Is there meaning?


You emptied the meaning of the mean and I fulfilled it back. When you realize that it turns your heart upside down. When I realize that it turns me to a little molecule. Here is the end but oh yeah there is no end. That is what you try to hide from yourself.


You didn’t hide “you” from yourself all by yourself? Did you? Well, congratulations!

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