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Have a cup of coffee and pull up a chair, this is not a booze moment, this is dead serious stuff.


See that map up there? The counties or cities that have county like status in the Commonwealth of Virginia in various shades of green have passed “second amendment sanctuary status” laws.  Those in yellow are in the process of passing them. The four spots in grey are where they failed. Yes, there are four, but you gotta look real close to see two of them. Oh, and the little spots in red are where no action has been taken.


What’s caused all of this? Well, let me tell you.  


First, there’s a law being proposed that would ban the purchase of Semi-automatic Firearms.  Whether or not you would be allowed to keep the guns you already own is still being debated. If you are allowed to keep them you would have to register them. (history has shown that when you register them, a new law within five years WILL require that you turn them in.  It’s happened literally everywhere that this has been done.) The way the law is written a lot of handguns, possibly including most handguns used as issue weapons by police departments all over the world would be illegal.


Additional laws being considered would make the purchase of a magazine holding more than ten rounds illegal, raising the age to buy a firearm to 21, banning “binary” triggers (this is a drop in replacement trigger on AR and AK style weapons that allows a rapid second shot, by firing the weapon once on depressing the trigger, and a second time when you release the trigger.  They have been identified as legal by the BATFE boys) banning outdoor ranges, and any range not run by the state… and the list goes on.


The resolutions are county governments saying “we’re not going to enforce these laws”.  Which doesn’t mean the state can’t send in the state police, or as at least some lawmakers have threatened, send in the National Guard. 


Well, here’s the thing.  Most of these laws or variations of them are already the law of the land, in California, New York, or both.  They are backed by organizations run by Mr. Bloomberg, who is a former Mayor of NYC, a candidate running for the Democratic nomination for President, and is and has been one of the richest and loudest members of the Anti-Firearm movement in the United States.  He seems to think that because it has been pulled off successfully (so far) in CA and NY, he can now take it up and down the coasts. (My home state of Washington is currently seeing some of the same proposals show up, some of them even worded identically) 


Trouble is, VA isn’t NY, and WA isn’t CA.  New York and California have a much higher ratio of urban and immigrant to Rural and multigenerational American than any of the other states we could look at.  


Look, ignoring everything else, the laws they’re proposing aren’t going to make anyone safer in any meaningful way. If you want to look at a really great Data Geek’s data geek report on it, see  https://www.waguncontrol.org/articles/an-honest-conversation-about-assault-weapons-bans?fbclid=IwAR1ckHrM6lkcye-N9WF4dz9CmF-ecPBo7v14yeoiHmTAxiP2Hd-1qwei4d4  The article (until the last paragraph) doesn’t address the second amendment at all, but merely looks at the statistics on crime, to examine “what tools are being used to hurt people” and how often. 


Above and beyond that though is the very real constitutional argument.  Urban dwellers are more likely to be willing to swallow the “What do you need” line, and immigrants are as well, statistically.  Trouble is, they’re moving their plans out of their strongholds now. VA went solidly Democratic in the last election, no doubt in large measure due to the big cities, the DC beltway, and as a reaction to the President, accusations of Voter Fraud aside. 


Because of this swing to Democrat by the state, they (the elected officials) seemed to think that they finally had a mandate for their agenda. Go back to the top of this article and look at the map again.  I’m thinking they’re wrong.


Once it’s a law, the SCOTUS can step in and say “nope, that’s in violation of the constitution” and the Commonwealth Supreme Court can do the same, because their constitution also makes allowing the public to keep and bear arms a central part of their laws. 


Of course, the problem with that, is first the law has to pass, and then someone has to take it to court.  Meanwhile, the elected officials just changed the law on recall elections to make it significantly harder to do a recall, and changed the laws on hearings to require that the attendees be evenly split on both sides of the issue.  This has led to literally hundreds of pro gunners standing outside, while anti gunners are escorted past them into the hearing room, so that we have even numbers of people from each side of the issue.


All of this has made for some VERY pissed off Virginians. A LOT of very pissed off Virginians.  We have seen a couple of times in the history of this nation what that looks like. Governor Northam I beg you, on bent knee, step back.  Do not walk off this cliff. You may get the laws you want passed, but there’s a lot of good ol’ boys out there that are not going to wait for the Supremes to weigh in on the issue. Sir you are a graduate of VMI for Gods’ sakes, I know they taught you some history.  People are coming into your state from everywhere in the union to be part of this. IT WILL NOT GO WELL! This will go to insurrection if it’s attempted to be enforced.


To the various supreme courts involved: I beg you, if these laws pass, for the love of law, and the love of our nation, grant an immediate injunction stopping the enforcement until the laws make their way through the appeals system.  Once the first attempts to enforce a confiscation law goes down it will be too late. The first one, or maybe two will go just fine, especially if it’s done in secret, but after that I expect a massacre, based on an ambush of law enforcement by citizens, followed by a mess that will make the Watts riots, or the Detroit riots in the 60s look like a sandbox fight between toddlers.


We stand on a precipice. The nation is divided almost straight down the middle on this.  


One side has urban riots, bicycle locks, ball bats/trash can lids, the police and military that will obey any order given, and the classical media.  


The other side has rifles, the police and military that believe “Defending the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” includes fighting against what they see as unconstitutional laws, past military training, and the blogosphere. 


One side is sure that “history is on their side” and that everyone will go along to get along, except for a few hotheads, and the cops will arrest those.  


The other side is sure that “The founding fathers would already be stacking bodies by now” and that they have the numbers and arms to utterly destroy the opposition.  


Both sides are sure within their echo chambers that they will win, and the hotheads on both sides are eager to start the fight.  If the fight starts, it’s WAY too easy to envision it going national. Both sides are wrong. No one wins a civil war, and the nation that comes out of it will not look anything like the nation that went into it.


The citizens will not blink and are not bluffing.


Governor, step back from the edge, lest you cause us all to fall, damn it. 


Until next time, 

I remain,   

Yours in service

William Lehman



  1. As this tragedy unfolds, it becomes ever more likely that a violent confrontation is what the Democrats want. Indeed, they might try to engineer one. Consider the conditions that Northam has laid down for the rally with his “state of emergency” decree: One entry / exit point, all firearms and other weapons forbidden (except for LEOs). Consider the shrieks from the Capitol about “white nationalists,” openly intended to inflame racial animosity. Consider the media’s treatment of it all.

    If there is bloodshed, the Democrats will use it as an argumentation point for the elimination of the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. The media will be fully enlisted in that cause from the first. Other states with Democrat-dominated governments will be tempted to try Northam’s coup against the Second Amendment in their own demesnes. As for the victims of violence deliberately engendered: the Left will deem them eggs that had to be broken to make their omelet.

  2. Oh, I’m sure the Deep State Alinsky-ites are well aware of the numbers of patriot citizens. They simply don’t care. Their only goal is to get the law on the books, then let the media run the narrative of white supremacist, law-defying racist rednecks. The Democrats have shown their hand and they are making the play that their hand is better, once and for all.

  3. >> New York and California have a much higher ratio of urban and immigrant to Rural and multigenerational American than any of the other states we could look at.

    I think you would be very surprised at the number of immigrants in Virginia that will and do automatically vote democratic as soon as they get citizenship. But they’re not from south of the border.

  4. the nation is virtually evenly divided on ALL issues. rather that a shooting war between the two sides to decide who ultimately triumphs over the other side, why not divide the nation into two, or more, parts and do so peaceably? let each side have their way in their nation.

    i don’t want to live in the same nation with those on the other side any more than they want to live in the same nation with me. (relatively) peaceful division is much preferred over destructive war, which will never settle the issues.

    the Mississippi River is a natural division line.

    • The problem with that though is that we’re not divided geographically. Unless you count Urban V Rural as geographic. It would be slightly more accurate to say coasts v inland, but no one would go for that as a division. Really, if we divided at the Mississippi, which side gets the leftists? The west with Cali? The east, with NY and DC? If the west goes to the libs, what does Texas, Utah, Montana and the Dacotas have to say about that? If the East goes Lib, what about Tenn. West Va, Maine? No, sadly it’s just not that simple.

  5. Governor Coonman has declared war on his own people, pre-judging all opposition as “hate” groups.

    ““I will order the first man shot that runs away,” said he, when some faltered; “Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they want to have a war,—let it begin here.” – Capt. John Parker, at Lexington, 4/19/1775.

  6. “No one wins a civil war, and the nation that comes out of it will not look anything like the nation that went into it.”

    Perhaps this is what this country needs. Either we are a Constitutional Republic or we aren’t. The people will ultimately decide. Not politicians.

    • My fear is that what comes out of a civil war will not resemble a constitutional republic at all. Look at the history of Civil wars, what comes from the ashes almost never looks like what the people were fighting for. This is a step that MUST be taken with the greatest of reluctance, as you are tossing the dice, and you can lose it all.

      • What you say is correct. Unfortunately, we aren’t the ones rolling the dice. To continue the analogy, we’re being forced to play craps with their loaded dice.

  7. I think it safe to say that the Left has absolutely NO idea how the Human Terrain has changed over the past four years. None.

    The problem is that they operate from a severely defective worldview under which we don’t exist as individuals with agency. Hence the belief that they can call out the National Guard and order Sergeant Smith to lead a squad to confiscate their own weapons. We recognize the reality behind the absurdity. The typical Leftist can’t even process the sentence.

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