Enhanced Sports Performance

Enhanced Sports Performance was a concept that started the day I realized, at a very young age that I didn’t necessarily have the perfect genetic and physical makeup to be an elite athlete.  I did, however, love to compete and with every competition I seemed to hate losing even more than I enjoyed winning. Due to the less than stellar genes being donated from my second generation Italian heritage and an immense lack of knowledge of nutrition and training, I began my quest into cracking the code on genetics as well as a devising a different way to train. This methodology was created to get the most out of every sport that I chose to endeavor.   Baseball, Martial Arts, Bodybuilding, and Cycling to name a few, all had a place in my heart, but training and studying that training became my passion.  Intrigued by how the body reacts to nutrition, supplementation, resistance training, range of motion training and the suffer sessions that I endured, I became a sort of guru in the art of sport preparation.   There have been countless books written about sports and there too have been countless books written about coaching. For that matter there have been countless books written about weight training, functional fitness, nutrition, genetics and countless other topics that are related to overall performance.  Considering all of this, you might be asking – “why then, is the Enhanced Sport Performance program any different than the rest?”  

  • Enhanced Sports Performance is a program based on a process template that is just beginning to find its way into professional sport and as well into our nation’s military. While the Enhanced Sports Performance program got its start as an approach to break the genetic code, this 360 degree approach is quickly becoming the “Gold Standard” among athletes looking to substantially improve their performance in the shortest time frame possible. You might ask “What is the secret and why are other programs not embracing this?  The answer is simple, the Spirit, Mind, Body connection fails to enter into various programs due to lack of knowledge and political stereotypes.  The Enhanced Sports Performance program will pull from the same basic concepts that Enhanced Life Performance has detailed in my upcoming book that will be out this summer. This approach to life and to sport will allow us, as athletes to tap into an area of intense training that very few people will ever achieve.  Channeling the spiritual, mental and physical assets of the body and then stimulating and engaging them during our preparatory phases of training is the key to breaking the genetic barriers that might exist, or fully utilize the ones that you already have that are positive to your sport.  As a result, this program works not just for the genetically gifted, but even more so for those who have not been granted the gift of what some might call “natural talent or ability.”  It is for this reason that ESP’s motto of “Beat Genetics!” is more like a rallying cry than a marketing slogan.  We will dive into each phase of training and how it will unlock the athletic potential that is currently within you.  A drastic simplification of this process can be described as a testing phase, resting phase and a recovery phase for all three core components of life that govern performance; spiritual, mental and physical. Stay tuned to this blog as we will post many training sessions that will explain much of this process


  • The second difference is the data and the methodology behind how we collected, tracked and later mined for direction, adjustment and conclusions within the individualized program.  Since I founded Enhanced Sports Performance, our focus has not just been on the sport alone, or the training, or the nutrition it has been on the science of all of the inputs into the human body that impacts performance. From the most obvious things like nutrition, training, rest, recovery and all things obvious that should be considered as standards of measure during preparation for an event or sport, we also have considered the less obvious components like spiritual health, emotional states, cognitive abilities, circadian rhythms, nutritional timing and many other items that we found to be pertinent markers to performance.  At Enhanced Sports Performance, we have as many technology staff members investigating new and better ways to collect and analyze data, as we have athletic coaches.    What we have found through this thirst for data will likely open your eyes to a more comprehensive approach to training that you might consider for yourself or your student athlete, whether you are a professional trainer, an athlete or a weekend warrior looking to move up in the ranks of your age group. Questions like: Does it matter when you practice? Is the ten thousand hour rule to mastery accurate or can I escalate that process in some way? Are their legal and safe supplements that can not only increase my physical performance but also increase my cognitive skills? These questions and many more are answered in a manner that the lay person can immediately utilize for themselves in their own training.  Go to www.enhancedsportsperformance.com and check out all of our literature on PED’s, PEN’s PER, PES and soon to be added PEHP to get an idea of what the program entails.

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