Do What You Are Designed To Do

We each have a calling in life to do something with our lives. The question, “What exactly is that?”, came to mind.  Where and how does one find what they were designed to do?  Are there actual limitations to what we can do in life? How does one know what they were designed to do?  Is there some sort of grand handbook that tells us if you have this trait or this strength, boom there lies the path for your life?


I wish I could say that it is that easy.  Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing if we just instantly knew what it was that God designed us for?  Does the design change and grow over time as we change and grow over time?  Where we meant to do the same thing day and day out?


As I have said before, I make coffee and a lot of it! There seems to always be a line of folks wanting their favorite this or that.  I wish I could say that I always make a cup of coffee with a smile on my face and every morning is cheerful and happy. Truth be told though, I am not always a morning person and I am not always awake when I arrive at the store ready to make coffee for everyone that is on their way to work.  I can remember plenty of times wishing that I had been more patient or taken more time to find out each of my customers stories.  Everyone and I mean everyone has them. I always to try to remind myself as well as fellow partners that you never know what someone may be going through. Generally, no one ever means to come across as mean or rude. It is almost always a miscommunication that has happened and someone (usually one of us) has missed an important part of what the customer was trying to convey.  I began to realize that it presented an opportunity to make a difference and be more invested in each person that we crossed paths with.  How would I ever actually know anything about anyone if I never took the time to ask? Granted some people are much more open to talking with their baristas and others… not quite as much.  A recent study found that we as baristas for some people could be the one and only human contact they would have all day until going home after work. How crazy is that fact?  In truth, most people sit in front of a computer all day and very rarely interact with other humans. How does that change the world?  If I had a job that required so little interaction with other people I know that having someone, anyone, take a moment to say hi could make or break my day.  Perhaps in the job of slinging lattes I had found one small calling to be the change in a way that was not always easy but could definitely make a difference.  Were callings to be more present in the world everywhere?   Being called to serve can be tough and is far from easy.  It also keeps you humble and helps keep the perspective of loving and serving to be first and foremost as a Christian.


Just the other night I was out to dinner with one of my best friends.  We went to a new sushi restaurant and were having a fabulous time catching up on life and all of the things that had been happening over the past few months.  Before I knew it one of my favorite customers walked by and said hello.  We said hello and wished him a good night.  We kept talking and were just about to leave when he came back around said he had picked up our check.  I was flabbergasted.  In all the years of serving this was a first.  I had been going through a really tough time and little did he know that his small act of kindness made my terribly rough time so much better.  Knowing that someone cared when the world can tell us no one does made all the difference in the world to me in that moment.


Sometimes it’s a simple text message that can make or break a day.  I know that during the hardest times it has been the “good morning”, “hope your day goes well” and “wishing you a great day” that has had the power to turn my day around. Words have power and how we use them and what we say can have huge impacts on everyone around us.  


We were called to love.  To show love and be a light in the world that we live in.  The world can be so full of negativity and false hope.  But when we gather together and take the time to care because we really and truly do care makes the world a better place.  If we never went through the hard times and everyone loved all of the time we would never learn what it means to grow and be molded into better versions of ourselves than we can ever imagine.  So go and do and see what it is that you were designed to do and see what it is that we can do each day to be the change and make a difference and most importantly love always.

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