Difficult to Imagine

Can you imagine that a peaceful, warm hearted human could disappear in the twinkle of an eye?   Can you force yourself to forget somebody’s face forever? Somebody that you used to see everyday.   Can you imagine how difficult it is to… imagine?

Suddenly you miss his conversations, his jokes, and his smile.  You are looking for him anywhere.  You cannot accept his sudden passing.


We are talking about the murder of a 17 year old young man from my small village, Jisr A-Zarqa.  He lived in my neighborhood and was killed as a result of a meaningless controversy between him and another person, who under the influence of drugs and oblivious to his actions, killed Jabri with a sharp tool.  The murder was the victim’s neighbor.


It’s almost impossible to accept that a negligible controversy could lead to murder, could lead to losing a soul.   Now Jabri is gone.  He is gone forever and we will not see him again or hear his voice again.   We can just remember what a wonderful boy he was.


The question is: Which family will be the next to lose one of it’s sons or daughters?


How can we live with love and tolerance?   How can we continue smiling from our hearts?


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