Deck of Cards Exercise Challenge

All you need for this workout is a full 52 card deck. There are plenty of variables that you can insert to make this workout best for you. Some examples will be at the end.


First, shuffle the deck and put them on the floor face down. Next, pull a card and flip it over. Then, whatever that number is dictates your reps on your first exercise. Face cards count as 10 and aces count as 11. Finish your reps and draw another card. Multiply that card by 2 and take that amount of rest in seconds. Repeat until the deck is finished.



5 of hearts= 5 push ups

7 of spades= 14 second rest

King of clubs=10 push ups

Ace of diamonds= 22 second rest

2 of hearts= 2 sit ups

3 of spades= 6 second rest


There are endless ways to make the deck of cards specific to what you are looking for in a workout:


● Do one specific exercise for the whole deck such as pushups. However, this will lead to over 300 reps of a certain body part and may be too much.

● Rotate through push ups, sit ups, body squats, etc…You can tailor the cards to whatever you want to work out. If you have dumbbells you can work curls and shoulder press in as well.

● Assign an exercise to a certain suit such as push ups are hearts, sit ups are spades, diamonds are squats, and clubs are calf raises.

● Leave jokers in and make it something very hard such as a 2 minute wall sit.

● Make the last card how many minutes you run in place to end the workout.


The options are endless on how you can make a deck of cards your new personal trainer.





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