In a world that seems to only harp on the negativity and hatred being passed around, I vote we get off of the news sites and turn televisions off completely. If you go out into the world and interact with real life people (instead of reading clickbait articles) you’ll see humanity is mostly good. Of course, bad things happen and bad people exist. I’m not blind to reality, after all. But you will find that goodness will always outweigh the bad, if you chose to see it.


In my everyday life, I strive to make the world a more beautiful, happy, friendly place (note the word STRIVE. I’m not perfect! I mess up and fail at this at times). I found a quote that I have made my mantra when I am in social situations or am meeting someone and it has made all of the difference: “If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.” –Ruthie Lindsey


How many of you have accidentally overheard someone saying something nice about you? How freaking incredible did it feel to hear it?! Why would we hold back a compliment when we could give someone the simple (free) gift of kind words and lift their spirits? We spend way too much time obsessing at what we see in the mirror to really see what others do when they look at us.


Receiving compliments about things you may be insecure about is a sure-fire way to knock out that insecurity and gain confidence. If you can’t do it for yourself, pass the joy right along and pay it forward. Could you imagine how much happier everyone would be if they were frequently told how compassionate, joyful, hilarious, beautiful, smart or encouraging they were?!


Let’s all adopt the Pinterest-found quote to, “Throw kindness around like confetti” and see how we can change the world.




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