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Oh, so many targets, such little time.  Even more so this week, as I have several things that have deadlines this week, or require my physical presence, thus taking me away from everything else for a day.  Still, let’s get into it.

Immigration… Rather a sore subject, and I’m fixing to put some rubbing alcohol on the cut.  If you think back, you’ll remember my mention a couple weeks ago of the ten year old that was reportedly raped in Ohio, and “had to go to Indiana to get an abortion” except that according to the Ohio Government, she meets the criteria to get an abortion even with the far more strict rules of that state… But hey it made a great talking point to beat the anti abortionists with!

“Yeah, you in the back? What’s that got to do with immigration you ask?”  Well, you notice how this case suddenly disappeared from the media circus?  That’s not because they found out it never happened.  It’s because the doctor that did the abortion finally reported it, and reported the rapist who did the deed. According to the Columbus Dispatch, it was one Gerson Fuentes, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, who had been charged with multiple counts of rape of a child, in the case.  Oh, and the Doc is in severe hot water for HIPAA violations, for sharing this story to the media… All in all, it’s not a story about the evils of the “post Roe era” as much as it is about the evils of the most porous boarder in history, and the failure of the system to catch this rat bastard before he raped a little girl.

Oh, but that isn’t the only thing on the immigration front to look at,  and you’re going to LOVE this: The Federal Government is paying a group called the “VERA institute of justice” (a nonprofit group trying to end incarceration in America) $171.7 Million, with follow on contracts that can bring it up to a cool Billion Dollars, to defend illegal immigrants against prosecution by (wait for it) THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Oh and by the way, ICE is also funding abortions for the illegal immigrants under their care.

No, I’m not kidding. We are funding both sides of the fight, and using your tax dollars to do it.  Remember, remember this shit come November, the idiocy, stupidity, and plots. I know of no reason this Democrat treason should ever be forgot. (OK, I’m not sure it quite raises to “treason” but it was the only thing that scanned to the rhyme.)

I’m not even going to bother to discuss Biden’s gaffs of the week, they’re just too easy, from reading out loud the words “end of quote, repeat the line” during a speech, to his caving in to Saudi Arabia and renormalizing relations for NO give from the Saudi side, this guy is an absolute disaster. Even Politico is taking him to the wood pile for his handling of Saudi: This normally leftist source ends their article on the aftermath of Joe’s trip with: 
“But surely the administration could’ve gotten more for that photo (of the fist bump with the crown prince our government says murdered an American citizen.)  than overflights the Saudis wanted anyway, a caution against producing a lot more oil and an embarrassing, Khashoggi-related incident.

“And for Biden’s sake, he must’ve hoped to get much more in return for harming his reputation as a values-centric president, because the example of his power in the Middle East wasn’t one of putting human rights at the center of his foreign policy.”   This is a group that kisses every leftist official on the mouth with tongue action.  Joe, you lost your base.

While we are on the subject of our idiot in chief’s failures though, there is one little gem that bears specific mention: 
Afghanistan.  See our former enemies in the rock pile, that Biden assures us are now our friends, or at least not a real threat, even though we gifted them with a SHIT TON of the army’s latest and greatest tools, have now made a formal alliance with the Taliban in Pakistan, to overthrow the government there, and form the “Islamic Emirate.” Now I would normally have no sympathy for the fuckers from Pakistan, after all they were buddy-buddy with the Taliban during our recent unpleasantness (can’t call it a war) so the fact that their friends are now biting the hand that fed them is, in my mind poetic justice.

BUT, with the whole thing that’s going on in Ukraine, Pakistan is severely in the deep darks in the Food (they were a major importer of Russian and Ukrainian wheat) and Energy sectors… This in turn means their entire economy is at the bottom of the shitter, and 20% inflation a month is the rule of the day. They are staring at economic collapse, which makes them ripe for “a man on a white horse.”  We’re talking French Revolution shit here, with the Taliban in the role of the “Committee of Public Safety.”

Why does that matter?  Uh, in case you missed it, Islamabad is a member of the Nuke Club.  They have somewhere around 200 nuclear warheads with delivery vehicles.  If the thought of the Taliban running a nuclear-armed nation doesn’t scare you, you ain’t paying attention.  If you want the full story (and yes, it’s a bit tilted, the magazine isn’t a fan of Biden, but the facts are there and so are the references) it’s at

Lest you think that I’m just going to pick on the US Government, let us look at the Russian Government. Just when you thought that Putin’s people couldn’t be any bigger of an idiot than Biden: Konstantin Kosachev, (Deputy Speaker for Russia’s federation council) basically the equivalent of the Whip for the House of Representatives, and  Irina Yarovaya, (Deputy Chair of the Duma) so the Senate Whip equivalent,  have come out with this brilliant piece of investigatory information: 
“And we see: the cruelty and barbarity with which the military personnel of Ukraine behave, the crimes that they commit against the civilian population, those monstrous crimes that they commit against prisoners of war, confirm that this system for the control and creation of a cruel murder machine was implemented under the management of the United States, and those performance enhancing drugs that they are still given in order to completely neutralize the last traces of human consciousness and turn them into the most cruel and deadly monsters also confirm this,” according to Yarovaya, in interviews with reporters. (it’s worth remembering that the Russian federation council and the Duma are both wholly owned and operated by Putin)

You read it here first folks, the US developed Super Soldiers, and gave the tech to the Ukrainian government.  The whole reason the Russians are losing their ass is that Ukraine has a whole mess of Captain America and the Winter Soldiers running around.  Seriously, did no one explain to Russia that the whole Marvel Universe is make-believe?  The original is here:  Or if you read Russian, I wish I was making this up folks, I surely do.

The Bonny Dick is back in the news, The CO, XO, and CMC are among the more than two dozen sailors who got strapped to the mast over the loss of the USS Bonhomme Richard.  The top three got Punitive Letters of Reprimand, and the CO & XO also forfeited pay (others got captains masts or letters of various sorts.)  The Adm. in charge of SURFPAC at the time also got slammed by SECNAV formally.  What this means is that “for you captain, the war is over.”  They will be allowed to retire, but their naval career is toast, and any hopes they had of becoming a “beltway bandit” probably burned up with the Bonny Dick. According to SECNAV is quoted as saying: “When leaders’ actions or inactions result in the loss of life or capital resources, the senior leadership of the Department of the Navy has a responsibility to determine the root cause and hold those accountable, this fire could have been prevented with adequate oversight into the ship’s material condition and the crew’s readiness to combat a fire.”  All of which sounds remarkably like what I said right after it happened.

SECNAV Del Toro singled out Adm. Brown (then SURFPAC, now retired): “You failed to identify and mitigate against the lack of oversight that contributed to the loss of the ship,” Del Toro wrote in the July 15 letter to Brown. “Accordingly, you are hereby censured for failing to effectively ensure appropriate levels of training and readiness in units under your command.”

Brown has stated that “the navy abandoned me for political expediency.”  With all due respect: (in this case, that means NONE, you’re retired, I’m retired, I’m too old to be called back in, and after this, you’ll never be called back.)

Adm. you’re damn lucky I wasn’t in charge of the navy when this went down.  With all of the failures and clusterfuckery in the Surface Navy under your watch including collisions at sea, a completely rebuilt ship burning basically to the waterline, suicides, and homicides, and a SIGNIFICANT number of skimmer captains getting relieved for cause, your ass would not have been allowed to retire, at least not at your current rank. I realize they let you retire “for the good of the Navy” to “preserve our good name, and not drag a senior Adm. through the mud,” but you see, I’m not a fan of that.

It sends a message that “senior enough people, will never be really punished for screwing up, other than to lose their billets, and the humiliation of being fired… That’s punishment enough.”  Now I realize that’s a fine old tradition going all the way back to the Royal Navy.  It’s also HORSE SHIT.  I believe the RIGHT answer is to send the message that: “In this Navy, EVERY ONE OF YOU is treated equally.  In fact, Senior personnel will be held to a HIGHER standard, because by the benefit of being in that position, and having that experience and authority, more is expected of them.”  I would have let you retire, as an O-6 maybe, but I would have surely taken your stars so that there was no possibility of you ever wearing the uniform again.

There’s one final act to play out in this sad tale, SA Ryan Mays will be tried by court-martial in September on charges of Arson and Hazarding a Vessel. The charge of Hazarding is one of only five charges in the UCMJ for which they can “hang you by the neck until dead.” That’s how serious this is.  Most of the people involved in this got off LIGHTLY.

One final international or defense piece: The Israeli-designed (a joint Israel and US project) Iron Beam testing program has announced acceptance, for deployment within the year.

You may be familiar with the Iron Dome, which is a chain gun anti-aircraft/drone/artillery/mortar system, which has made being the actual target of Palestinian or other Muslim rocket and mortar fire the safest place in Israel to be. The trouble is the bullets, and chunks of shot-down stuff fall everywhere but on the target. The system is damn effective, as long as you’re not in the flight path where the stuff falls out of the sky.  It’s also damn expensive to shoot.

The answer? Iron Beam. 100 KW laser, 20 KM range, (currently, planned field range 100 KM) shoots down UAVs, rockets, mortars, and artillery fire, at $3.50 a shot.  Video available here: This thing is an electronic laser, not a chemical laser, fits in the back of a truck along with everything it takes to run it…

 How big is this?  Well, look at what’s going on in Ukraine. Russia is back to their WW I and WW II tactics of “shell the shit out of it, until the rubble bounces with each shot, then send in troops.”  Most of the people we fight are or were trained by Russia, or its predecessor, the USSR.  If you’re Russia, imagine if artillery was worthless on the battlefield, because each enemy battalion has 6 of these Iron Beam systems, and none of your ordinance is making it to the target.  Your tanks are Javelin fodder, and your infantry sucks. It’s a bad day to be Boris. 

Even if this thing isn’t 100% on intercept, even 80% is magical.  I effectively took away 80% of your gun tubes, what you gonna do now Putin?  Oh, and let’s not forget the place where this will pay the biggest dividend.

South Korea.

Seoul is under the muzzles of 13,000 to 15,000 Korean artillery pieces.  Seoul is 56 KM from the DMZ.  Imagine if you could hit all of that inbound Artillery (estimated at 350 metric tones of throw weight per salvo) and drop it back on that un-spanked fat little fuck Kim’s lap.  Pretty sure that’s a game changer there, even at 80%.

Well, I was also going to talk about Uvalde TX, and Greenwood IN, and compare and contrast, as well as Leonhardt of the NYT’s latest thing about how Republicans are the enemies of democracy, and all-around white supremacist fascists, and that’s why no one should vote for them… But this has gone on far too long as it is.

Take care, watch your six, 
Until next time I remain,
Yours in service.
William Lehman.


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