Bringing “It” to the World Around Us

It is so easy to get caught up in the little things. Working at the Bucks can change how one sees the world in a heart beat. I have seen the best side of humanity and the worst side of humanity. There have been countless times that all I have ever wanted to do was roll my eyes and tell people that they can make their own cup of coffee. The absolute last thing that I wanted to do in those moments was show the love of Christ.  But isn’t that exactly what we are called to do? To be a follower of Christ is not always the easiest path to take. But even when we are at our worst there is a calling to be more and be more than what the world says we should be. There are so many daily pressures to be that, drive this, and have the absolute perfect life that we envision for ourselves. But what if we stopped wishing for something more?  Perhaps what we have is more than enough and all we need is hearts, minds, and the openness to see the ‘it’ factor to the world.


What does openness like that look like? It is so easy to make a snap decision about a person and within two seconds of meeting them we have decided what they are about or that they meant to be horrible just because they could. What if though that we took time to see them from a different perspective?  We hardly ever know the whole story. Generally when a person comes across as rude or unkind there is something much bigger happening than we can first initially see. Perhaps it is taking the time to show that someone cares and that no matter what, everyone is deserving of love and a small bit of understanding when we least expect it. To show the love is the greatest gift we can ever give.


The season of Advent is upon us.  Advent is one of my favorite seasons in the church year.  I love how each person eagerly awaits the birth of the One that showed us the purest and truest form of love that the world can ever know. It is a season of refreshment and light.  I remember fondly as a child waiting to light the candles on the Advent wreath at church. As each candle came to light the long awaited day of Christmas became closer and closer. I made my mom make an Advent Wreath to have at home.  There was a quiet beauty found as each week unfolded and I to this day still feel the simple and utter delight that is found in the Christmas season.  The season of waiting is part of what makes the actual season of Christmas so special.  To feel the whispers of love in every breath that is taken is part of what makes the season so special.


It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.  We have to buy the perfect gift, go to the perfect parties, make this and that for this person or that person. What if though, that we took time to be still and know that regardless of where we find ourselves, there is always the choice to show love in a season that is so busy and nonstop.  The other day at Starbucks I was reminded not once but twice to show love.  One person had just yelled at me for their drink being wrong which was followed by another person who yelled at me because we were out of almond milk. All I wanted to do was yell back and tell them that their first world problems were not going to be my own.  Instead of yelling though I found myself compelled to do my best to make it right and see what I could do make things better all the way around for everyone involved. I was not perfect at the task I set before myself but I was able to show a small bit of love when it was the last thing that I wanted to do.  I had to remind myself that I knew not the entire story and the fact that I had two choices was clear.  What I chose was entirely up to me and no one else.  The gentle whispers of the Advent season resonated in my head and by the grace that surpasses all understanding a little bit of love was shown that day.  


To bring the love is part of bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth. It is something we are called to do. Not that we will always do it perfectly or that we are ever meant to be perfect. Imperfections keep us humble and real to the world that we live in.  Without challenges and tough times we would never grow as individuals. Our spiritual walk and ability to love would stay stagnant and never have the chance to be more than we ever thought possible.  We are not of this world but we do walk in it and what we bring to it is where each of our journeys lie.  So here is to bringing “it” to the world and showing love in more ways than one.  Happy Advent Season everyone. Enjoy the gentle calling of being in His presence and bask in the quiet of preparing for the Christmas season that lies before us and all of the wonders that it holds.


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