Being Thankful for Wherever it is That Life has Taken You

So many times we find ourselves wishing for something more and wanting the next best thing or the better phone or computer that just came out.  What is it exactly that makes us wish for all of the things that we don’t have? When did life become a contest to see who was able to keep up the latest and greatest thing that has just hit the shelves?  Why is it that we want what we seem to covet so much? Perhaps its the dream job of a life time or maybe it’s the perfect family that you find yourself wishing for.  What is it exactly that drives us to want curly hair instead of straight or blue eyes instead of brown?  Trust me I was that little girl wishing that my eyes were blue and not brown but no matter how much I wished for it never happened. The fact remained that my eyes were going to remain brown.  Some things are beyond the realm of change. The color of persons eyes, hair, skin or the how tall they are will remain the same.  What would happen if we all stopped worrying less about what we didn’t have and began to focus on more what we do have?  There are real battles for life, rights, and freedom that go on everyday.  There is so much more to the shell of a person than meets the naked eye.


Looking back over the past year has made me realize just how much I take for granted.  There have been more than one occasion that I found myself wishing for the goals that I set for myself to just happen and often wondered if I would ever make my dance goals. If only I had danced better, stressed less and had not been anything other than perfect.  Well as I have said before, and I will say again, no one is perfect no matter how hard we try. No matter how hard I push there will always be someone better than me and no matter how much I practice there will always be room for error.  But if everything came to us in the easiest way possible I know that appreciating all the things that come with hard work would become a thing that just was expected instead of a celebration of a long awaited goal that finally comes to be.  If only I had taken less time in wishing for what I thought I needed and kept my focus on where it was that God was bringing me.  In the long run He was bringing me to bigger and better things than I could have ever imagined for myself.


Life is so short, and for many, life is cut shorter than we ever wanted it to be.  What if you were the person that got the dreaded phone call from your doctor that you had three short weeks to live? Or perhaps you have known someone who’s life was cut all to short by a tragic accident?  Perhaps it is the life of a young one that should have lived for so much longer.  We all wish at some point in our lives that there was just a little bit more time in the day to do more and live life just a little bit more.  To live a life with no regret is almost impossible.  We all wish we could have handled one thing better or been more present in someone’s life.  The key to living life to it’s fullest potential lies in a life that is full of living in the season that you find your self in. Today is the season in which you never walk alone.  There is a fullness and light that is only found when we seek God on a day to day basis.  We all try to find fulfillment in earthly things.  It’s part of being human. Living in a world where social media takes it’s toll and makes each of us wonder just who will like what and why, has more power than we would ever like to admit.  Seeking the grace of God and His ever loving presence makes all of those things seem less pertinent and His love more of what we seek out even in our darkest hours. There is a calmness and peace that I find when I seek Him first and foremost in my day to day life. Not that I always do a grand job of always seeking Him first. It can seem so much easier to just not think or feel where it is that I am called to be.  It is however His presence that gives me a greater sense of peace and comfort when life becomes too much for me to handle all on my own.  To be thankful for wherever it is that I find myself is a gift that is greater than anything I could ever seek that is earthly.  Knowing that where I was brought to was where I was supposed to be all along makes the journey of life all the more worth living. To live a life that is full of love, laughing and investing in those around me makes being thankful for each and everything a much easier thing to seek and see.  So seek more, love always and be the change.

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