Being Thankful for The Good Around Me

It’s natural at this time to reflect on the events of the year. There have been joys and sorrows, life and death, newness and routine. And, I hope, for each of you there are things you are thankful for.


It may be that around your table on Thanksgiving there are lives who aren’t here anymore. The sadness of going through all the “firsts” after their loss-birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays-can feel overwhelming and darken the spirit of the season. But, maybe at your table there are lives there who weren’t part of your family last year. They can bring blessings and love that brightens the day in a fresh, new way.


It may be that you are celebrating Thanksgiving in a different location than in the past. A personal or family move can make unfamiliar what used to be familiar. Or maybe this different location brings adventure and a chance to create a new experience for the holiday. Whether it is something temporary as a vacation during this week, or your home and family are now in a different place, the change of scenery can bring new traditions and ways to show thanks.


As you look back on the past year, it may be that there were events that have left your heart feeling like there is no room for thankfulness. Whenever you see the numbers 2018, it may spark a sense of gloom and sadness. Maybe around the corner in the next calendar year there are better days ahead and there is the hope in a few weeks of starting fresh on a blank calendar page.


For me, I am looking ahead to this week with a thankful heart. I am thankful for the new lives in my family this year and the joy and excitement they have already brought. I am thankful for a new experience in a different place. I am grateful for the beautiful moments I’ve had this year but hope that next year carries less sadness and unpleasantness.


For you and your family, I wish you all a week of good around you.



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