And The Beat Goes On


Welcome back to the Scuttlebutt. Judge Brett Kavanaugh again.  Look, this is going to be short, because I’m on ten-hour days, and by the time I get home, I’m brain dead.


Not however as brain dead as some of the Democratic Senators that are demanding Kavanaugh pull himself from the nomination.  Please. You got what again?


A party girl whose story has changed four times, who keeps on trying to find new ways to delay testifying, who says she won’t testify if questioned by a lawyer, only if she’s questioned by the senators…  Now I can see the visuals from this, (and apparently so can the republican senators, as I’ll explain) Little Ms. Ford gets questioned by the evil old white men, loses her shit, starts bawling… Oh the evil senators they made her cry!  


Trouble is, they figured this out too, so they have a female Prosecutor who is very familiar with rape cases to do the examining… Well that doesn’t sit well with Ms. Ford, I’ll lay you money, she’s a no show tomorrow. (I may be wrong, but I figure its at least even money).  


She’s got people (they just released) who collaborate her story… Trouble is, they don’t collaborate her story, they were not there, they collaborate that she said that this happened.  What? I’m telling you it’s true, and I have people who will also tell you that I told them it’s true??? Oh, and one of them is my husband! PLEASE.


Then they have the claim that three other people where there and witnessed it, except those three all say she’s lying, or mistaken to put it nicely.


Oh, but wait there’s more! Michael Avenatti, you remember him, he’s Stormy Daniels the porn star who claims Trump fucked her and paid her money to shut her mouth after?  The guy who’s had all his assets seized for tax evasion? Well, he’s got a gal that says she watched maybe it was Kavanaugh, at least I’m pretty sure it was him, I mean I was drunk off my ass, but, yeah, it must have been him… slipping mickeys into the punch bowl, so that high school guys could run a train on girls at parties.  Now in order for this timeline to work, she would have had to have been a college sophomore going to high school parties… Uh, I was a high schooler at that age (class of 80) A college girl, going to high school parties? Pull the other one, it’s got bells. Oh and she saw this gang rape, was raped herself, yet went to ten more of these parties?


Michael claimed he had another gal that was going to testify, but it seems that that was someone from 4chan (remember them?) who punked him.


Look, by all means give these gals a chance to testify, under oath, (with the charge of perjury in the offing if you’re caught in a lie).  Then, if they are found more credible than a guy who as a high schooler was such a geek that he kept a calendar and kept that sucker in storage until today… then fine, recommend for rejection.  


But seriously, get this done, before Ginsburg turns toes up, which could happen any day.  Oh yes, and speaking of her, even she is calling this a bunch of bullshit. We’re down a justice now, which paralyzes the court, as you’re going to end up with a string of “no decisions”.  If Ginsburg dies, you’re going to be down two justices, and a major conservative set of victories will happen, even with all your stalling, plus you’re going to have the entire supreme court pissed off at you… That’s not a place I would want to be.


Oh, and another thing, Feinstein is blowing an ass gasket over the scheduling of a vote for Friday, before the testimony is heard on Thursday… Uh, tell me, senator, why does scheduling the vote matter?  Now if they were actually going to HAVE the vote before Ford and this other gal get their day in court, well, you MIGHT have something to complain about. As it stands it’s just way too obvious that you’re doing all this as a delaying tactic, nothing more. Piss off, senator.


I’m done for the night, it will be interesting to see what tomorrow will bring.   


Stay safe, until next time,

I remain:

Yours in service,

William Lehman.

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