A Conversation with Ian Peric, About Life, Service, Meditation and Happiness on Earth…(Part 1)

There are people that against all odds or expectations stand out from the crowd and make this place called earth a better place…


And Oh boy, this world needs independent thinkers and conscious beings like never before.


We are living in the best time since the history of the earth…. there is more abundance like never before, access to the best healthcare or services, access to food and the fastest and safest mobility services. Technology..you name it …yet we are the most depressed generation since the beginning of evolution.




Because, they lost touch with their true self ..their inner-being which is in great pain, being stuck in the material level of life.


In this very honest and open interview with writer, life coach, meditation teacher and “modern day shaman”  Ian Peric I will reveal his journey from pain to ultimate joy and self-realization .


Audrey :What was the turning point in your life that has escalated the beginning of your journey to self-discovery?

Ian: My night of confrontation with the inner torment . The moment when I’ve realized that I got everything that I “need” in life on paper, but I was stressed and full with anxiety. I was an adrenaline junkie working for a big IT corporation,


Audrey: What is your personal life ideology, something that follows you each and every day..

Ian: Oneness, Service of Us, Compassion and Gratitude – This all comes from self awareness.


Practices that help to sustain this life awareness for me are:

-Not over using the mind or carrying fear – it’s very draining.

-Eating healthy, fresh vibrant fruits, vegetables and nuts.

-Getting rest, exercise and meditation (most days).


Audrey: What do you think is the main cause of the unhappiness that people are experiencing throughout the world these days?


Ian: Believing that we are an individual isolated ego – a mind/body machine.

This naturally creates a state of fear that projects violence, greed and general unhappiness. While we’re in fear we are not at peace.
It’s very common for people to have unquestioned beliefs that rule them, cause them suffering but are also some kind of safe haven for them too. I am yet to explore a judging or fear based belief that turns out to be backed by truth.

With the mind as a point of perspective – fear, isolation and insecurity abound.

With life as a point of perspective – grace, trust, love and gratitude for the moment are natural.


Audrey: What stays at the basis of your book “13 Weeks of Awakening”?  How can this help people to achieve a greater sense of happiness?


Ian: 13 Weeks is a toolkit focused on habit building.

It also encourages empowerment and customising the process to suit your needs and your passions.

Many of the areas of focus naturally lead to self awareness and happiness though having a sudden shift in self identification can be scary for the ego and also boring at times.

13 Weeks encourages changing an area of focus from time-to-time to keep things fresh.


When we show up for ourselves and build habits that honour our deepest desires we not only build these positive habits, we also build trust in ourselves – we learn to trust that we can deliver.


Audrey: Why do you travel the world sharing your thoughts? What is to be given and gained?

Ian:” My focus is actually on listening while helping people to discover their own wisdom.

I see everything as US, everything as equal so I do my best to listen, ask good questions and love all things. I feel that as we all all life, we are all equally worthy of unconditional love. I am a servant of our community and am passionate about the breaths of this body contributing to healthy and happy lives for everyone, and the next seven generations of children.

From my business past and my yogi shift I have skills can help improve the delivery of education, healthcare and prosperity for business – I’m honoured to be of service in these areas. I’m very passionate about a new book to help integrate mindfulness into schools, PricelessVitality.org which is a worldwide health sharing network and EnterpriseMedicine.com a business consulting firm.


Saying that I’m very aware that nothing is “broken”, it’s all in the state that’s needed in this moment – without that perspective I don’t have peace and compassion is impossible. I would say that if I share anything it’s leading by example through compassion, kindness and proactive loving action. Careful wish.


An example of that is in Serbia talking with people and helping them to get clear on what they need, and what they would ideally like…. Doing my best to communicate the findings to someone who can help. I feel that many of these people are too deep in basic survival mode to invest heavily in holistic government strategies.”


Audrey: You are an Australian man right, what made you choose to travel to countries from eastern Europe like Romania, Serbia?


Ian: “This body is human and I serve humanity. For some time I traveled the world learning and serving though I didn’t do that much in Australia – I had some stories in my head about not having many people there and that they didn’t really need my work. That could be partially true though I was mainly traveling to share my services as widely as possible – to touch as many lives in the time I have. In Cluj I have found a beautiful balance that really works – for the moment.

For years I traveled and connected with many people though an opportunity showed up to do some more long term projects in Romania and I said thank you.


So Romania really chose me and I’ve really enjoyed the beautiful community of Cluj as well as the opportunities that come along with having a full time base. Being able to see things blossom, seeing people evolve and liberate themselves from their suffering, seeing trust being built over time.

Romania also reminds me somewhat of Serbia, my father was born there and I have a very large family living there.”


To be continued…

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