21 Day Hibernation Program – Day 21

The program is designed to shift your level of thinking and to re-wire your mind for success. It helps you look at your life from an outsiders view and change the flow or direction in which your life is going.

Although it’s designed for businesses, the principles can be replicated in every aspect of your life.


Continuous Development


I trust that you found this program helpful and that is positively added to your business and personal development.


If you need further assistance with business, feel free to email me on info@lesterphilander.co.za. We will do a full evaluation on your business or plan and advise you and put a road map in place from where you are now to where you want to be. We consult businesses across all industries, assist with funding applications, sales and marketing strategies and general business growth and development.


We will be hosting a free business development workshop soon so stay in contact via email and social media.


Remember you are blessed to be a blessing.


About Lester Philander

Philander specializes in developing small businesses though workshops, one on one consultations and funding applications. Along with owning a few businesses, he consults businesses in manufacturing, catering, tourism, agriculture, construction, logistics, media, renewable energy, automotive and many more…. www.lesterphilander.co.za

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