21 Day Hibernation Program – Day 17

The program is designed to shift your level of thinking and to re-wire your mind for success. It helps you look at your life from an outsiders view and change the flow or direction in which your life is going.

Although it’s designed for businesses, the principles can be replicated in every aspect of your life.


  • Motivation:
    • Remember, if you do what you always do, you will get what you always get. This program is very basic but the key is consistency. You only need to commit 15 minutes to this daily so stay the course and watch how your life will be transformed over the next 21 days.
    • Consistency is key so stay the course, even when times get tough or you not seeing the tangible difference. You never see the mind shift, others will tell you how you have changed…



-Daily Visualization…….


-Daily Affirmations


-Observe your life as though you are someone else doing a study on it. Identify the good and unique features (physical, mental & spiritual) and identify the bad. Catch yourself daydreaming and observe your thoughts. What dominates your thoughts? (like day 3 and 10)


-Likewise, observe your eating habits, spending habits and look at the choices you have made that got you to where you are. If you are in a good place, chances are its because of choices made in the past (and vice versa)


-Remember, one of the secrets of success is giving



About Lester Philander

Philander specializes in developing small businesses though workshops, one on one consultations and funding applications. Along with owning a few businesses, he consults businesses in manufacturing, catering, tourism, agriculture, construction, logistics, media, renewable energy, automotive and many more…. www.lesterphilander.co.za

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